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Keep 'em Cold with Beach Cooler Bags
June 05, 2018

Keep 'em Cold with Beach Cooler Bags

There are several essentials that always make their way to the beach to make for a great day of fun. One of them is a beach cooler. Cold drinks and cold food keep you hydrated and the "hangries" from spoiling the day. From a beach cooler with wheels, a soft sided cooler bag, to a floating cooler you have lots of options to keep your items nice and cold. Which coolers are best for your beach vacation depends on ....

1. How Big?
Consider how many people is the cooler providing cold drinks and food for. Sometimes several smaller insulated cooler bags work better than one large one.

2. How Heavy?
Who will be carrying the cooler or can it hauled in the beach cart. Are there extra hands to pull a beach cart on wheels or can some one carry a backpack cooler?

3. How Expensive?
You can spend a lot of money on a Yeti that will be sure to keep even the ice cold throughout the hottest of days in the sun to a less expensive brand that can perform almost as well.

4. How Are You Traveling?
Do you need a collapsible soft sided cooler bag that will fit in a suitcase or do you have a large SUV that has plenty of room for a hardshell cooler with wheels?

5. How Far to the Beach?
Is your beach right outside your beach vacation home? Do you have to go up or down a large flight of stairs to reach the beach?

So if you want to keep your family hydrated and happy with plenty of cold drinks and food, invest in a beach cooler that is going to be the best size for your group, the easiest to transport and will keep your supplies cold even on the hottest of days.

Your Guide to Beach Coolers

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