Baby Beach Tent

A baby beach tent should be on your top ten list of things to bring to the beach if you have little ones. Babies have very delicate skin and because of their small bodies, within a short time frame your baby could get sunburned or dehydrated. 

baby beach tent

If you want to go to the beach or enjoy the great outdoors bring the baby and a tent with you. 

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Travel Baby Beach Tent: Protects from Sun, Wind and Bugs

beach tents for babies

This versatile baby beach tent protects your baby or infant not only from the sun but also from all those pesky bugs like flies, mosquitos and gnats. 

beach tents for babies

It is so lightweight and portable you can easily pack it in your suitcase (which is what we did) and carry it to the beach.

The tent fits right into this round carrying case. Place a cotton sheet on the bottom pad.  

The mesh portion on the sides and bottom of the "tent" allows air to circulate.  It can be used on or off the beach as your "pack-n-play" for bedtime. 

Kidco Peapod pop up beach tents are a versatile, portable, essential piece of baby beach gear. 

Beach Pop Up Tent

This is a larger baby or infant beach tent but still very portable and lightweight - it fits inside the 22" carrying case in the picture below so you can pack it in your suitcase.

baby beach tent

Fill the side pockets with sand to weigh down the tent and then empty the sand before taking it down. Stakes come with it as well. 

It pops up in seconds and once you remove the sand it goes down in seconds as well - once you get the hang of it.  You will find pictures and written instructions inside the carrying bag.

baby beach tent for traveling

This pop up beach tent has a door if you want privacy or if you want your baby to sleep without outside distractions. Two large side screen windows allow a breeze to come through the tent. 

UV 50+ rating on the fabric so you get excellent baby or infant sun protection. 

Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent And Beach Sunshelter

Pop Up Baby Beach Tent

Want an easy pop up beach tent that you can actually pack in your suitcase?

Once on the beach, you literally have instant shade. No poles to mess with.

It measures 90" x 53" x 51" and has no bottom to it for those who like to let their kids play in the sand under the cool, protective shade of the tent.

You can secure the tent with the included stakes or just put sand in the pockets.   If you use the sand pockets you can easily lift the tent and move it to keep kids protected from the sun. 

Lightweight at about 3 lbs it's very portable and easy to carry.  Zippered windows keeps the air moving and allows a breeze to flow through.

Shade Shack Beach Tent Easy Automatic Instant Pop Up Sun Shelter

Coleman Beach Shade

Here is a baby beach tent that looks just like a regular tent. This tent by Coleman has a bottom to it that extends out.

 Your baby or toddler can take naps in the shade and be protected from the sun and the wind.  It's also a good place for children to play if they need to get out of the sun for a while.

It has a rear "window" that can be opened for air flow and ventilation or close it for privacy.  Zip up the front door and it can be used as a changing room.

This particular tent takes a little more effort to put up - you need two people, not one and most people say it takes about 10 -  15 minutes to set up the first time - but easier the second time. The best idea is to set it up once at home to figure it out so you can quickly enjoy the ocean and sand the first day you are on vacation. It holds up well in wind if you use the sand bag method.

You can read some of the 5 star reviews at Amazon here:

Coleman Beach Shade

Pop Up Beach Tent

This pop up baby beach tent comes in a zippered bag and literally pops up in seconds. It will fit into a suitcase so you can travel with it.

Did you know that sunscreen lotion should not be used on babies?  That's why it's so important to use some kind of shade, tent or canopy to keep their delicate skin protected.

Schylling Infant UV Play Shade

Light Speed Beach Pop Up Tent

This tent provides a UPF 50 protection and 3 large windows for air flow.

 There is no assembly required.  Extended front fabric can be used to clip the "entrance" closed for privacy.  Three other features this tent offers is a fabric floor, the option for privacy and ease of setting up and taking down. 

The front door can lie flat like a flap and extend out into the sand or be closed up for privacy. Lightweight and easy to carry. Mesh windows are on the other three sides.

Lightspeed Sun Shelter Tent

Beach Tents for Babies with Floor

What seems to work best for families is to have one that of course protects your child from the sun, but also provides room to change diapers and to feed the baby.

If your baby is doing any crawling this one provides space for that as well.

Easy to set up and take down this important piece of beach gear will allow you to spend a full day at the beach with everyone protected.

Quick Cabana Beach Tent

Play Yard with a Canopy

A play yard that offers some protection from the sun thanks to the large domed canopy  with a protective UV50 lining. The sides are made of mesh so there is plenty of visibility with built in ventilation to provide fresh air so your baby stays cool and comfortable. 

Easy to fold up and comes with a bag. This one weighs 13#. 

Baby Pop 'N Play Deluxe Playard with Shade

An average baby beach tent will block 98 % of the sun's harmful UV rays, but you should still protect your baby with a baby rash guard if they are old enough to crawl and move out of the shaded area. A sun hat is also a good idea to protect your baby's delicate little head. Anyone can have a great day at the beach with their baby with a little preparation and with a few good beach supplies.

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