Teen Beach Fun

Teen beach fun with some new beach nets has these girls jumping for joy.

teen beach fun

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We find that our favorite time on the beach is late afternoon and evening when the intensity of the sun is gone, cooler breezes prevail and the crabs come out. Sometimes it's the simple things that make a beach trip fun like these beach nets.

Teen Beach Fun with Chillbo Schwaggins

Teen beach fun starts with a place to hang out and relax.  You can use the Chillbo Schwaggins as an inflatable lounge for one person or an inflatable couch for 3 people. 

teen beach fun

You can expect this lounger to stay inflated for about 4-5 hours, but it's simple to re-inflate. The Chillbo Baggins inflatable lounger is approximately 7ft long x 2 ft wide and 3 ft high when inflated.

When you choose the Chillbo version of this inflatable lounger you will find it to be the most durable option and the best bang for your buck.

teen beach fun

The inflatable lounge comes in a handy bag and doesn't take up much space whether you are traveling to the beach by car or airplane. 

teen beach fun

A handy stake keeps your Chillbo Schwaggins anchored for those windy beach days.

Easy to inflate, just open the end and "scoop" air into it until it's full.  The material is super durable and you can choose from many different cool designs.

teen beach fun

Tighten the air filled lounger by twisting to keep it inflated for several hours.  Deflate and it compacts into a nice portable bag.  There are pockets on the side for small belongings.

Inflatable Loungers

Roll Up Beach Mats with Pillows

Our teen guests each got their own roll up beach mat.  Colorful "beachy" colors, soft 100% cool cotton, lightweight to carry, and a comfortable head rest made these a winning place to relax or to get out of the sun.

teen beach fun

A button strap secures the mat when it's rolled up and a carrying strap makes it super portable. The top side is 100% cotton while the bottom is 100% polyester.

roll up beach mat

Teen Beach Fun Games

teen beach fun

Spike ball is a great game with lots of action and perfect for playing on the beach - especially on those double red flag days when you can't get in the water. Four players are needed to make it competitive.   Stop lounging around, get some players and start having fun with this game that will have you running, spiking and laughing.

Spikeball Ball Kit - Includes Playing Net, 3 Balls, Drawstring Bag, Rule Book

Teen Beach Fun in the Water

Have some teen fun in the water with boogie boards, skim boards or inflatable paddle boards.

teen beach fun

Ride the waves and enjoy the fun with different boards depending on if you are at the ocean, a river, or a lake. 

Teen Beach Volleyball

With a teen beach volleyball set you can get your teens out of the lounge chairs and into some fun family action.

teen beach volleyball

Be sure to pack a rubber mallet to help hammer in the stakes really well.

Beach Volleyball Sets

Teen Beach Fun with Supersize Floats

Each summer one of our teens gets to pick the family beach vacation float.  Ms. Peacock was a big hit in and out of the water.

teen beach fun

Her peacock feathers provide a nice backrest for lounging and the super size gives it stability in the water.

teen beach fun

This Swimline pool float provided lots of entertainment. It is durable and kept inflated for not only our beach vacation but for the whole summer in the pool.

Swimline Giant Peacock Lounger and Float

Teen Beach Bags

Cute beach bags that are also functional and large enough to carry all your towel, sunscreen, phone and more is a beach essential. Each teen can be responsible for their own "stuff" like sunscreen, beach towels, water bottles and snacks.

teen beach bags

From striped canvas beach bags to straw and mesh beach totes, there is a style and design that fits your personality and need for a day at the beach.

Large Striped Canvas Beach Bags

teen beach bag

Cute teen beach bags come in variety of materials and designs whether you like polka dots or a solid color you can check some ideas out here ...

Cute Teen Beach Bags

Teen Beach Fun in the Sand

Teens are not too old to play in the sand whether it's sculpting a giant starfish or creating a sand castle.

teen beach fun

Be sure to pack some beach pails and shovels along with some sand castle forms for an afternoon of creativity. 

teen beach fun

Why do kids like to get buried in the sand?   Our crew does and it never seems to get old. 

teen beach fun

Whether your teen likes to hang out on the sand or in the water be prepared with floats, inflatables and games for a day of teen beach fun.

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