Beach Tote Bag

Whether it's canvas, mesh, or straw, a beach tote bag keeps all of your stuff together in one place.  With inside and outside pockets, comfortable carrying straps and lots of room for beach towels and gear, be sure to put this on your list of things to pack for the beach.

beach tote bags

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Straw Beach Tote and Bags

Straw beach totes come in a variety of sizes and are the perfect accessory for your beach vacation.  Use it to carry your items to the beach or for a day of shopping .

straw beach tote

Some straw beach totes are open and others can be closed with a zipper.   Add a classy and classic look to your beach vacation with one of these straw beach tote bags....

Straw Beach Bags

Large Beach Bags

If I have one, I have at least 7 large totes by Scout.  Another favorite of mine is the BJ Bag. 

beach bag totes

This tote comes with outside pockets for easy access and tons of space to stuff your beach accessories.  With a variety of designs to choose from, over 12, if you happen to like the one in the picture it's called High Tied.

SCOUT BJ Bag, Large Tote Bag with 4 Exterior Pockets & Interior Zippered Compartment,

Don't you just love the bright colors and fun designs of Scout's designer beach totes?  It's all in the details including fine stitching along the top of the bag and high quality all weather woven fabric.  This beach bag is REALLY LARGE - it measures 24" wide by 19" high and 12" deep.  The fabric is water resistant, lightweight and durable.  Just wipe off any sand or dirt with water to clean it.   The bag folds flat when not being used so it doesn't take up much storage space. 

Bring this designer beach tote bag to the beach, pool and on your next vacation. 

SCOUT 4 Boys Bag Jumbo Tote Bag, Due South

Backpack Beach Tote

On one of our beach vacations we would ride our bikes to the beach which means we needed a water resistant backpack beach tote.

beach bags and totes

This one by Lightspeed made it easy to transport our towels, sunscreen, and foods that don't need a cooler.

beach bags and totes
Beach Backpacks

SCOUT Beach Tote Bag

SCOUT bags bring together design and function. They offer a variety of styles, sizes and designs.  The anchor pattern is my favorite. 

large beach tote bag

Lots of exterior pockets and heavy duty straps will make this brand your favorite beach bag tote.

An interior key ring will hold your keys and reinforced handles are sturdy and strong.   Wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

SCOUT Errand Boy Extra Large Beach Tote Bag

Beach Bag Totes with Lots of Pockets

beach tote bag with pockets

Beach bag totes with lots of outside pockets makes it easy to grab your water bottle or find your sunscreen lotion.  This colorful beach bag is waterproof and light weight plus large enough to carry your beach towel and other beach supplies.

SCOUT Pocket Rocket Multi-Pocket Beach Bag Totes

Classic Striped Beach Tote Bag

There's a reason I gravitate toward Scout beach bags - the bags are very light weight with a strong but water resistant fabric.  And they have a stylish look but are very functional.

beach tote bags

Like this Scout bag called the La Bumba tote bag. With a sturdy bottom it keeps it's shape and stands upright yet folds flat to pack in a suitcase or trunk of a car. Wipe off any sand with a damp cloth.  A zippered top and an inside zippered pocket secure your beach gear from falling out.

Scout La Bumba Tote Bag, Slim Profile Beach Bag (Multiple Patterns)

Cute Canvas Beach Bags

polka dot beach tote bag

This cute canvas beach bag has a pop of color with my granddaughter's favorite beach color - turquoise.  It comes in a several colors and is water resistant.   It is also fully lined making it easy to clean any sand that might find it's way in. 

Leisureland Large Rope Handle Water Resistant Canvas Beach Tote Bag (18"x14"x6", Polka Dots Turquoise)

Mesh Beach Bags

mesh beach bag totes

What we like about this mesh beach bag is that it's really large so it can carry our snorkel gear and towels and 9 outside pockets make it easy to find our sunscreen lotion, water bottles and sunglasses.

Sand sifts right through and for easy cleaning just hose it off.

Mesh Beach Bags

Kids Beach Bags

kids beach bags

Provide beach bags for your kids so they can carry their own beach toys to the beach.  Melissa and Doug totes have a mesh bottom for the sand to flow through and the air to circulate.  

Their kids beach bags come in the bright orange crab design or an ocean blue octopus and carries just enough essentials so the bag doesn't become too heavy.

Melissa & Doug Clicker Crab Beach Tote Bag

Striped Beach Tote Bag

striped beach tote bag

There is nothing quite as classic as a blue and white striped canvas beach bag. This one is really large and has an inside zipper pocket for valuables.  Check out your options for different colors and sizes at Amazon here:

Large Striped Canvas Beach Bags

Waterproof Storage Bag with Waist Band

This waterproof storage bag work IF you be sure to zip ALL the ziplock carefully and completely.

waterproof storage bag

If you don't close it up correctly your valuables will get wet.  The updated fanny pack is just what is needed when you don't want to leave your "stuff" behind.  

We like to walk the beach and when we get to Seaside we walk up to town for an ice cream or supper.  With this pouch I can walk the beach, wade in the water and still have some cash or credit cards for a meal or purchase. 

Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap (2 Pack) | Best Way to Keep Your Phone and Valuables Safe and Dry

Your beach tote bag can be simple and functional or fun and stylish.  Classic stripes, solid canvas or anchor designs are style options that can appeal to any beach lover. 

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