Essential Baby Beach Gear for Taking Baby to the Beach

What essential baby beach gear will make your day at the beach fun and safe for you and your baby?  With some planning and a few (well maybe more than a few) baby beach accessories, it can be a fun and safe day for all of the family. 

tips for taking baby to the beach

In case you didn't know babies burn easily and dehydrate quickly in the heat and sun. 

Their young, soft skin needs protection when they are out in the sun. Babies also overheat easily so shade is just as important as protective sun hats and rash guards. 

Keeping them hydrated with best of all - water -  will help to prevent dehydration.

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Beach Tents for Babies that Protect from Sun, Wind and Bugs

I was so excited when I found out about the PeaPod.  It works so well at the beach in many different ways from protecting your baby from the sun, and wind, to preventing bites from mosquitoes and gnats. 

baby beach gear beach tents for babies

We joined our daughter and her family in Hawaii for a family beach vacation. The sun is not the only thing baby's need to be protected from - they also need protection from the wind and bugs.

Wind can take a baby's breath away - so they need a safe place to rest that won't interfere with their breathing.

We love spending time on the beach on the St. Croix River. But there have been many times that we've come home with mosquito and gnat bites all over us. That's OK for an adult - but not a baby.

baby beach tent

The mesh sides and flaps protect the baby from the sun, wind and bugs. If more fresh air is needed open the flaps so a breeze can flow through the mesh openings. The PeaPod comes in different colors and two sizes.  This larger one will accommodate up to older toddlers.  It's truly lightweight and you can pack it in your suitcase if you are traveling by plane.

KidCo Peapod Plus Travel Bed

Pop Up Baby Beach Tent 

There are a variety of beach tents for babies - some designed with just enough space for little ones to nap and others that can fit an adult or two. 

baby beach tent

Wondering how you are going to find room to bring all this baby beach gear?  Many baby beach tents fold up into a small portable bag (like this one pictured) so you can even take them in your suitcase.

A baby or infant beach tent is one of the most important pieces of beach gear you need to bring for two reasons.  

1.  Babies and infants dehydrate quickly because of their small size and  their body's inability to regulate heat

2.  Baby skin is very sensitive to the sun and burns easily so it needs to be protected all day, even on cloudy days. 

Find out some easy to travel ideas ...

Beach Tents for Babies

Baby Sunscreen Lotion

Are you wondering what's the best and safest baby sunscreen lotion or at what age can parents begin applying sunscreen to a baby's skin?

baby sunscreen lotion

For years it has been recommended that infants 6 months and under should be protected through the use of shade, large brimmed hats, and uv protective clothing rather than through chemicals in sunscreen.  Dr. Jennifer Linder explains it this way, "the chemicals in sunscreen might penetrate deeper, making newborns more vulnerable to contact dermatitis (skin reactions, like rashes,) allergies, or inflammation."  To read the rest of her article on the use of sunscreens on babies go to:

Sun Protection for Infants

According to

Avoid these harmful, endocrine disrupting ingredients:

1.  Oxybenzone

2.  Octyl methoxycinnamate

3.  Retinyl Palmitate

These chemicals are also allergens and may have carcinogenic toxicity. 

Safer, non-toxic options:

1.  Zinc

2.  Titanium

These are two non-toxic minerals that actually sit on top of the skin, so that sensitive baby skin doesn't absorb them.  Get some great tips for safely protecting your baby's skin here:

Baby Sunscreen Lotion Tips by

Baby Beach Gear for Sun Protection Clothing

For a long time the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended NO sunscreen on babies under 6 months old.  Check with your pediatrician before applying any sunscreen lotions to your infant or baby

baby sun protection clothing

There are other ways to protect their skin like using a baby pop-up beach tent combined with baby sun protection clothing often called rash guards. Baby rash guards are made of a quick-dry material that can be worn in and out of the water.  

Check with the manufacturer, but often you will see that they feature fabric with an SPF of 50. 

These pieces of protective clothing come either as a one piece or a two piece.

Baby Sun Protection Clothing

A one piece baby rash guard like this one pictured works well too. Paired with a swim diaper it doesn't provide as much protection to the legs.

But if the baby is going to be in the water in their baby pool float this is a great way to protect their upper body.  It comes in a variety of colors and sizes up to 4 Toddler.  It runs small so size up when you order.

Baby Long Sleeve Rashguard Shirt

Baby Beach Gear for Keeping Cool

baby beach gear

Babies can overheat quickly and easily especially on a hot, sunny day at the beach. Combine that with a stuffy tent and no breeze, soon the temperature inside a tent will quickly climb. 

Fortunately there are portable battery operated clip on fans that can help keep your baby comfortable and cool.  You will love how much of a difference a fan can make on a day when there is little to no breeze. 

This one by SkyGenius has a rechargeable battery so you can just recharge it every evening and you'll be ready for your next day at the beach.  It can run up to 6 hours on one charge. You can rotate and adjust the fan vertically or horizontally. 

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Fan Rechargeable 2600mAh Battery

Baby and Toddler Sun Hats

toddler and baby sun hats
Baby sun hats provide protection not only to the delicate skin of a baby's face but to their neck as well - so be sure to get one that has a neck flap.

A hat that ties or has adjustable strap will (help) keep the hat on for all day protection. 

This hat features an inner lining with a wick away microfiber.  The fabric is lightweight so that it doesn't become too hot. 

These hats come in different colors and sizes and are machine washable.

Unisex-Baby Solid Flap Beach Hat

Double Duty as Baby Beach Gear

baby beach gear

For babies who are crawling or for young toddlers that you'd like to "contain" in one spot, just bring your activity center or Pack N Play from home.  Less sand will get eaten and you can relax a bit more. 

baby beach gear

Covered Wagon for Taking Baby to Beach

Thick padded seats, collapsible, and covered make this Radio Flyer red wagon the perfect way to get your toddler to the beach.

beach wagon for hauling kids and beach gear

This wagon can haul two kids and has a telescoping handle for easy pulling and maneuvering.

Radio Flye Ez Folding Wagon with Canopy For Kids & Cargo

Portable Activity Center for Taking Baby to the Beach

When your child starts crawling or toddling around, this portable activity center will keep them from eating sand or crawling off the blanket.

It is light weight, easy to set up and take down which makes it great for traveling to the beach or any other outdoor activity. 

The height is adjustable and there are drink and snack holders.   Five loops are for attaching your baby toys to help keep them entertained.

Baby Go-Pod - Cardinal from KidCo

Baby Beach Gear - Portable Play Yard

A portable play yard provides a safe place for your baby to play and rest. 

baby beach gear

Many of them are quite roomy - up to 14 square feet with sides that go to 26".

Look for ones that are lightweight and unfolds easily.

Mesh sides allow everyone to see what's goin' on and the bottom floor is made of a weather resistant canvas that is easy to clean.

Portable Play Yards

Baby Beach Gear for Eye Protection with the Best Baby Sunglasses

The best baby sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, are comfortable for the baby, have unbreakable polycarbonate frames, and float in the water.

best baby sunglasses

Banz baby sunglasses offer all that and more.

An adjustable velcro strap means that not only will the sunglasses not fall off but they can be adjusted to different sizes as the baby grows.

Baby Banz Sunglasses Sun Protection – Ages 0-2 Years – THE BEST SUNGLASSES FOR BABIES & TODDLERS – Industry Leading Sun Protection Rating – 100% UV

Baby Beach Gear for the Water
Swimways Baby Spring Float 

Spring floats are easy to pack, lightweight to transport and quick to set up.  We packed this one in our suitcase.

swimways baby spring float activity

This Swimways baby spring float has a canopy that's easy to remove or put on to protect their delicate new skin. 

An attached activity center helps distract a baby who is unsure about the water.  It also keeps them entertained in the water for a bit longer.

Swim ways Baby Spring Float

Babies love dangling their feet in the water whether it's in a calm ocean or a swimming pool. We always keep a squeeky or squirt toy for them to hold on to while we push them around the water cuz if baby is happy everyone is happy :)

Which baby beach accessories you bring to the beach depends on the age of the baby and how mobile they are.  While many of these items are portable it's best to use a beach utility cart to haul all of your stuff.

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