UV Protection Clothing, Hats, Swimwear, and Sunglasses

UV protection clothing and beach wear that offers an SPF rating, is an easy and often more reliable way to protect your skin from the sun.   Better coverage for those hard to reach places like your back, opting for rash guards, swim suit cover ups and uv protection shirts, can be comfortably worn all day in and out of the water. 

UV Protection Clothing for Kids

sunscreen clothing

It's not easy to get kids to stay still long enough to apply and reapply  sunscreen throughout the day.  Water, sun,and sand all breakdown the effectiveness of sunscreen which means it needs to be used frequently throughout the day and even so many times skin will still get a sunburn.  That's what makes sun protection clothing for kids so practical.  

Our granddaughter who didn't want to wear a uv protection shirt the first day of our beach vacation quickly changed her mind after getting sunburned.  She made sure she had it on every day and wore it all the time in and out of the water. 

Sun Protection Clothing for Kids

Baby Sun Protection Clothing

baby sun protection clothing

Baby sun protection clothing, along with a UV protection umbrella, is a must for anyone who takes their baby to the beach.  Baby's skin is very sensitive to the sun and can burn so easily even under an umbrella because UV rays can bounce off the sand and water.  

The guidelines for what age  you can apply sunscreen for babies varies and has changed over the years, so check with your pediatrician first.  If the doctor recommends using sunscreen be sure to opt for one that uses safer ingredients by checking it out for harmful ingredients at the Skin Deep Database at ewg.org. 

A baby rash guard is a simple solution to protecting a baby's sensitive skin from the sun.  They are lightweight and can be worn in and out of the water so you don't need to take it on and off. 

Baby Sun Protection Clothing

UV Protection Clothing for Men

uv protection clothing

Wearing UV protection clothing at the beach protects the skin better than applying and reapplying sunscreen through out the day - at least for your shoulders, back, chest and arms.  Sunscreen lotions need to be re-applied frequently and especially after being in the water.  Protective clothing is less messy and greasy.  My husband bought a set of two dry-fit T-shirts that he wore every day that has a UPF protection of 50+.

Very light weight, dries quickly and feels comfortable in and out of the water.   The shirts come in 7 different sizes - he bought the medium - which fit true to size.  Very affordable - only $18 if you get the set of two white shirts. Check out the endless color options here:

Mens Beach Clothing

Sunscreen Clothing and Shirts

sunscreen clothing

Sunscreen clothing and sunscreen shirts come with us on every beach vacation. One of my favorite ways to stay protected from the sun is by wearing Columbia shirts with SPF protection of 30+.  

They come in a variety of colors and I like that they button down so I don't have to pull it over my head.   I have them in white, blue and pink.  Wear it as a beach cover-up by buying a size up. 

Hats with Sun Protection

hats with sun protection
Hats with sun protection have a wide brim and sometimes a neck flap to protect the sensitive skin on your neck. This is the hat I like to wear at the beach.

Your hair definitely prefers hats to visors, as it stays better protected from the drying sun and wind. 

The features to look for are hats with

an adjustable chin strap,

breathable lightweight fabric,

a wide brim

a neck flap or brim that extends all around and

for those with long hair a hole for a pony tail.

Be sure to pack a sun protection hat that will protect not just your hair but with a wide brim to keep the sun off your neck and part of your face. 

100 UV Protection Sunglasses

100 uv protection sunglasses

Of course your uv protection wouldn't be complete without 100 UV protection sunglasses.  Look for wrap around sunglasses that prevent UV rays from entering from the sides or from above the sunglasses.  

Polarized lenses reduce glare that comes not only from the sun but also from the water.  We wear our sunglasses in and out of the water, but only when wearing floating sunglasses straps. 

polarized sunglasses with uv protection

Here is a pair of Eagle Eyes sunglasses developed by NASA Optic Technology.  Combining a polarized lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection you can see things sharper and clearer than you can with regular sunglasses.  Unlike darkly tinted lenses that darken your vision Eagle Eyes sunglasses allow in vision-enhancing light from the wavelength spectrum. 

Be sure to pack UV protection clothing to help prevent sunburns and to keep you and your family enjoying a day at the beach.  

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