Beach Sun Shade

Beach sun shade can be yours with something as simple as a single beach chair with a canopy to a large beach cabana tent that accommodates a large group. Keep protected from UV light and enjoy cooler temps under the shade of an umbrella, tent or canopy.  

beach sun shade guide

Which option you choose depends on how many people you want sharing the same beach tent or canopy. If your group is large, you can either gather everyone together in one large tent or have several canopies or umbrellas near each other. 

Beach Sun Shade with Beach Pop Up Tent

A beach pop up tent is portable, lightweight and best of all provides instant shade. 

beach sun shade with beach pop up tents

Side panels can be rolled down to provide a cool breeze and corner stakes are pushed into the sand to secure your tent.

Beach Pop Up Tent

Beach Sun Shade with a Summer Beach Umbrella

There are a wide variety of summer beach umbrellas - from Tommy Bahama umbrellas to Rio beach umbrellas.

beach sun shade with a summer beach umbrella

These umbrellas range in size and offer different features such as a tilt frame, vented top and telescoping design. Find out what size is best for you and how to secure your summer beach umbrella so that even on windy days, it won't blow away.

Summer Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

A Tommy Bahama beach umbrella is one of the most popular umbrellas on the beach.

Tommy Bahama beach umbrella

From a telescoping and tilting sturdy aluminum pole to a wind vent that helps stabilize your umbrella on windy days you may find that this beach umbrella is the most popular one for you too.

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

Beach Sun Shade with a Beach Canopy

A beach canopy is another option for providing a shaded spot to rest and relax.

beach sun shade with beach canopies

A vented top helps to stabilize your cabana and prevents the wind from carrying it away. Stake the four corners and secure them with sand in the corner pockets.  As you can see most beach canopies are designed for about two adults.

Beach Sun Shade Canopy

Beach Sun Shade with a Family Beach Tent

A family beach tent provides a place for everyone to gather under one shaded area rather than scattered across the sand.

beach sun shade with a family beach tent

These beach tents usually require two people to set up and take down but we find it's well worth it to make the most of our time together during our family beach vacation.

Family Beach Tents

Beach Sun Shade: Beach Chair with a Canopy

Enjoy anytime, anywhere shade with a beach chair and a canopy or clamp on umbrella. Even though we set up a beach tent, we always bring our clamp on umbrellas for enjoying the cool ocean waves on our feet.

beach sun shade with beach chair with canopy

Bring your chair up to the water's edge to keep your feet cool and adjust your umbrella as the sun moves to keep your face protected from UV light.

Beach Chair with Canopy

Enjoy a full day at the beach in comfort, protected from the wind and what can be intense sun with some type of beach sun shade.

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