Beach Chair with Canopy, Shade or Umbrella

A beach chair with a canopy provides shaded comfort and protection from the damages caused by UV light. Stay out at the beach longer by adding an umbrella to your folding beach chair or by getting a beach chair that comes with one, like  the Sport-Brella.

beach chair with canopy shade

When you are shopping for a beach chair the two things that are important are comfort and shade.  We always bring a beach chair with some kind of umbrella.  In addition to the variety of manufacturing materials, there is also a variety of colors, finishes, and styles.

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Sportbrella Beach Chair with Umbrella

best beach chair with umbrella

We like to be close to the water and sit low to the ground to keep our feet cool but with the rest of us protected from the heat with a canopy. The Sportbrella beach chair comes with the umbrella already attached. Simply press the button at the base of the umbrella to open it.

You can also rotate the umbrella so that you can protect yourself from the sun as it moves through out the day. A nice handy hinge also assists with adjusting. The umbrella can be moved and used on either side of the chair as well - as you can see in the picture.

By simply straightening out the umbrella with the top hinge, closing it, and rotating it down the beach chair easily folds up and fits back into the handy carrying case.

The comfortable, somewhat reclined position is a plus, although it does not have the ability to adjust how much it reclines. The canvas is high quality and comes in several colors - blue, lime green, and aqua. The steel frame makes it sturdy, yet it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Clamp On Beach Umbrella

clamp on beach umbrella
clamp on beach umbrella

You can purchase the Sport-Brella clamp on beach umbrella for any beach chair.  The universal clamp makes it useable with any beach chair.  The size of the umbrella provides quite a bit of protection and can be moved easily from one side of the chair to the other as the sun moves.

The umbrella can be tilted, rotated and moved in just about any direction for all day protection from the sun.  There is a top hinge that can adjust the umbrella as well as a base hinge by the clamp. Just press the button to move it and release it to lock it.

We bought ours at Amazon with free shipping if you are a prime member:

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella 4-Way Swiveling Clamp On Umbrella

Clamp on Beach Umbrella
with 99.8% UV Blockage

Maybe you own a beach chair that you love - like one of the Tommy Bahamas or Telescope beach chairs but need to add some shade.  
Get a clamp on umbrella that clamps onto any chair to get some quick shade. 

Want almost a 100% sun protection? This clamp on umbrella called MyShade has been lab tested to block 99.8% UVA and UVB rays so it's no surprise that it is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

clamp on beach umbrella

Rotate the turn knob to open the c-clamp jaws, attach to your beach chair arm or beach table and tighten. It has an adjustable height and provides good coverage and protection from the sun.  We found it worked best clamped on to the beach chair towel rack. 

This large clamp on beach chair umbrella provides the needed face protection from the sun. 

Quick Shade Beach Chair with Canopy

A beach chair with a canopy or umbrella makes your shade very portable.  Move the chair close to the water or up and away from the waves.  Turn it as the sun moves and keep your face, neck and upper body protected from the sun.  

beach chair with canopy

We like how this chair sits a little higher off the ground and how the canopy can be adjusted higher or lower.  If you want more sun, just flip the canopy back behind the chair.  

Check it out at Amazon here:

Beach Chair with Canopy

Rio Beach Chair Canopy

We love our Rio Beach Chair - it reclines in 5 different positions, includes a cooler pouch, cell phone holder and an adjustable headrest.  Add the canopy and you have the perfect beach chair.

The Rio beach chair and the canopy have to be purchased separately.  We bought ours on Amazon.

The MyCanopy comes in a couple of different colors. It snaps onto most chair frames. Adjust it to get the most protection as the sun moves. Fold it up with your chair for easy carrying.  

Rio Beach MyCanopy Sun Shade

Aluminum Beach Chair With Shade

The awning that sits over this rust resistant aluminum chair has three positions.

The chair can recline into seven different positions.   Nice wide arm rests add to the comfort of this chair and the storage pouch provides a place to put keys, wallet or cell phones.

Padded carrying straps that fit over the shoulder makes it easy to carry.

If you are looking for a comfortable reclining beach chair that offers shade this is the one:

Rio Brands Hi-Boy Beach Chair with Canopy, Pacific Blue

Making Your Choice

There are lots of other features besides shade that contribute to the best beach chair for you - the ability to recline, insulated cooler,  backpack straps, height from the ground etc. 

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