Folding Beach Chair

Folding beach chairs are on the top of our beach supply list for our family beach vacations. No longer are these chairs just chairs, oh, no ... they now include coolers, drink holders, storage pouches, cell phone pockets, head rests, and umbrellas.

3 folding beach chairs at the ocean

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Not everyone enjoys lounging on the beach with a towel or a blanket. Most  people prefer the comfort and convenience of beach chairs. This type of chair not only ensures a sand-free bottom, it provides a sturdy back rest so you can really relax. Many of these chairs also include side pockets, cup holders and canopies.

With a myriad of different styles, sizes, comfort and convenience levels,  there is literally a chair to suit every taste, need and budget.  When looking for folding beach chairs the main concern is something that is comfortable and portable.  Here are some styles and features to consider when selecting the best beach chair for you:

folding beach chair

Low back or high back beach chair for back comfort

Low sitting or higher sitting chair for ease in getting in and out

Backpack beach chair for easy carrying

Extra wide and steel frame for a heavy duty beach chair

Lightweight for easy portability

Adjustable and reclining to take a quick nap

Towel bar to hang your towel

Cell phone holder

Cup holder

Attachable umbrella or canopy

Insulated Cooler

Padded headrest

You just may never leave your chair with all of these features!

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are one of our favorite chairs to bring to the beach. Our daughter requested this one for her birthday present and she loves it so much you'll find that she isn't quick to share it.

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Features like padded backpack straps, insulated cooler, towel bar, multi-reclining positions, wide arm rests, and an adjustable headrest make this chair a favorite.

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs

Aluminum Beach Chairs

Aluminum beach chairs are lightweight and easy to carry to the beach, especially those that incorporate a couple of padded straps so they can be carried like a back pack. 

backpack beach chair

Hands are now free to carry your beach bags, coolers or umbrellas. 

So many practical features are now included in this type of beach chair - but my favorite ones are the towel rack, insulated cooler and cup holders for beverages or cell phones.

Recline and rest your head on the adjustable headrest, enjoy a cool beverage found in the included insulated cooler and rest your arms on the wide armrests. 

Durable and economical, find out about your different options, styles and features here:

Aluminum Beach Chairs

Rio Folding Beach Chairs

The Rio brand is a well respected outdoor gear company known for their quality and innovative designs.

rio beach chair

Rio beach chairs offers features that make you realize you could never go back to just a plain folding beach chair.

Even though they cost more than cheap beach chairs, you can get so much more than just a chair - an adjustable headrest, storage pockets and a cooler just to name a few.

Find out about what other innovative features can be found in this chair:

Rio Beach Chairs

Beach Chairs with Umbrellas

Beach chairs with canopies provide a welcome relief from the hot sun.

beach sand chair with canopy

Many folding beach chairs come with a canopy or umbrella or you can purchase a clamp on beach umbrella separately. These umbrellas do what they say - they simply clamp onto the arm of the chair.

We find that a beach chair with an umbrella is a convenient and easy way to get some shade at the beach.  Check out your options here:

Beach Chairs with Canopies

Reclining Beach Chairs

reclining beach chairs

Adjustable or reclining beach chairs provide the option to tilt back.

You can find these chairs with different mechanisms to adjust the chair and some have the ability to lie completely flat.

See the notches on the right arm rest? This chair has 5 different positions.

Get one with wide wooden arm rests and cup holders or with a large enough pocket to carry your towel and snacks.

Reclining Beach Chairs

Folding Beach Mat

Easy to carry and set up, a folding beach mat provides a place to relax with an adjustable back rest and an inflatable head rest.

beach mat with inflatable pillow

Easily fit them in your car or your suitcase for air travel.

Folding Beach Mat

Portable Sling Beach Chair

This comfortable low to the ground sling beach chair by the Coleman outdoor experts folds compactly for easy transporting, weighing at at just over 5#.

sling beach chair

A durable frame made of powder coated steel can handle up to 250#.  A roomy 21" seat provides a comfortable place to hang out on the beach.  A large seatback pocket provides space for your towel, sunscreen and more.

Throw the carrying bag strap over your shoulder and get ready to set yourself down on your favorite sandy spot.

Coleman Utopia Breeze Sling Beach Chair

Beach Lounge Chairs

Beach lounge chairs are the ultimate in relaxation.

They can be adjusted to many different positions and can completely lie flat for an afternoon siesta.

blue beach lounge chair near the ocean

The adjustable positions makes napping so easy you may find yourself still at the beach after the sun goes down. 

Or you may enjoy a more upright position to monitor kids or to take in a new best selling book.

See the great pockets on the side of the chair to hold your newspaper, magazine, book or electronic book reader?

Beach Lounge Chairs

Folding Chaise Lounge

zero gravity lounge chair

A folding chaise lounge is a step up in comfort and relaxation. 

This zero gravity folding chaise lounge unfolds and folds back up in seconds. Recline and elevate your legs to reduce back pressure. Lay down, adjust the head rest for extra comfort, close your eyes, and listen to the waves for ultimate in relaxation.

Folding Chaise Lounge

Wooden Beach Chairs

If you are looking for a really sturdy beach chair that can hold some extra weight, a wooden beach chair is your best option. 

wood beach chair

Many other people choose wood because of it's classic look and timeless style. Others like a wooden frame because these chairs are heavier than your aluminum ones so they don't blow over as easily in the wind. 

Even after years of use, these chairs can look like new again with a little sanding and some fresh varnish. Many of the same features found in aluminum beach chairs can now be found in a wood beach chair so you don't have to miss out on a cup holder, headrest or cooler:

Wood Beach Chair

Beach Chair Accessories

Keep your stuff handy with a beach chair caddy or attachable side table.  No more searching for sunscreen or your cell phone in the oversized beach bag.

beach chair accessories

Drinks remain sand free with Spiker drink holders that you place into the sand right next to your chair.

A clamp on umbrella means you can move your chair anywhere you want to - away from the crowd for some quiet reading time or perhaps like me you like to sit near the water to cool your feet off with some splashing waves.

Check out these must have items to complete your best beach chair:

Beach Chair Accessories

It all boils down to what you want and how much you want to pay for your folding beach chair. But keep in mind, sometimes if you pay a little more upfront, you end up saving money in the long run. A folding beach chair is designed to enhance your beach vacation or day at the beach, so get the one that provides the features you are looking for.

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