Rio Beach Chairs
Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler

Rio beach chairs are unrivaled in both design and quality. They are manufactured by Rio Brands - a company that has been in the business of manufacturing outdoor chairs, umbrellas, carts and more for over 60 years.  And these beach bums have been in the business of taking them to the beach for well, less than 60  years.  Here is why we love this beach chair:

Rio beach chairs

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Backpack Rio Beach Chair

The light weight aluminum frame and padded, adjustable straps makes this Rio beach chair easy to carry.  Backpack beach chairs are worn just like a backpack which makes transporting your chair easy.

Rio backpack beach chair

When you are carrying a cooler full of food and drinks, and a bunch of beach toys, carrying a chair under your arm can be quite difficult. The straps make it easy for you to take your chair anywhere. Just strap it your back and your hands and arms are left free to carry everything else you need to take with you.

Rio beach chair

This Rio beach chair is extra wide (27" wide), a little higher off the ground and reclines into 4 different positions.  There's a large pouch in the back where you can pack a towel and sunscreen. 

Rio beach chair headrest

An adjustable headrest is an added feature for extra comfort.

backpack beach chair

Padded backpack straps make this beach chair easy and comfortable to carry on your back.

Rio Beach Big Guy Backpack Chair

Rio Beach Chairs with Cooler

This folding beach chair by Rio has been coming to the beach with us for years.  From head rest, to several reclining positions, to backpack straps and a cooler, you get all of your favorite beach chair features in this reliable guy.

folding beach chair with cooler by Rio

An insulated cooler means one less thing to carry. Just put your drinks or food that need to stay cold in the handy cooler on the back of the chair.

beach chair with cooler

The cooler works fine - it's lined and keeps things cool for a couple of hours. We added a bag of ice in a ziplock bag.  There is enough space for a couple of cans, fruit, and a sandwich.

Rio beach chairs

Adjustable Headrest

rio beach chair

The headrest is connected to the chair with velcro straps - simply lift the straps  off and adjust the headrest to a comfortable position.  The pillow is removable or can simply be flipped over to the back of the chair. 

Extra Storage Space

Rio Beach Chairs

Above the cooler is a nice size zippered pouch that holds a beach towel or cover up.

Rio Beach Chair features several pockets

The Rio Beach Chair features several pockets on the back and the side of the chair.

Cell Phone Pocket and Extra Pocket

Rio beach chairs

Velcro secures the cell phone or iPod in this handy pouch. The pocket keeps your cell phone away from the sand and an extra pocket is there for a wallet, camera or keys. A cup holder on the other side is a fabric pocket to hold a can or water bottle.

Towel Rack

aluminum beach chairs with cooler bag and towel rack

Lift the bar up until it locks into position. Hang your towel on the rack to keep it off the sand or to help it dry.

Reclining Beach Chair

reclining beach chair

Rio beach chairs have 5 reclining positions - including one that goes completely flat.  It's a great feature making it comfortable to sit up and read or watch kids or to lay back and relax for a nice little rest. Simply grip the front of the arms and lift up and move the back rest to your favorite reclining position. Press the arms down to lock the back.  The ability to recline is a must in the perfect beach chair.

The weight limit for this chair is 240 lbs.

You can clean the chair by hosing it off or use mild soap and water, but never use bleach or laundry detergent. We purchased ours at Amazon here:

Rio Beach Chair with Cooler

Rio High Back Beach Chair

This Rio high back beach chair comes with an adjustable head rest for your ultimate comfort.

Rio high back beach chair

We like a higher back - this chair measures 30" x 25.5" x 5.5" and weighs 8 lbs.

Rio high back beach chair

There are five positions for reclining - but not completely flat.

Rio High Back Beach Chair with Cooler

One Position Rio Beach Chair

This simple, lightweight, powder coated steel frame, folding beach chair by Rio has just the one position but it's super portable and easy to transport to the beach. 

one position Rio beach chair

It's low to the ground which makes it perfect for sitting near the water to keep your feet and legs cool.

Lightweight Rio Beach Chair

Beach Chair with Canopy

Rio Beach Chair with Canopy

By simply adding this shade you have a beach chair with a canopy.  Easy to put on or take off  - it just clips on and off. Lightweight and easy to carry and it stays put in the wind.  It's of course adjustable forward and backward and provides nice shade for your face.  This additional beach chair accessory keeps your face  protected from UV light and from a nasty sunburn at the end of the day.

Rio Beach MyCanopy Sun Shade

When you add the Rio beach umbrella, you have everything you need for a fabulous day at the beach. Just plop down your chair and get ready to relax and rejuvenate your mind and entire body.

Heavy Duty Beach Chair

This heavy duty beach chair, the Rio Gear Big Boy Backpack, features an extra wide seat (22")and a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

It sits higher off the ground - about 13" and offers the ability to adjust to 4 different positions.  

The extra-large, reinforced frame adds to the stability and durability.

It also includes the headrest, drink holder and pouch in the back.

Rio Beach Big Boy Backpack Chair

Rio beach chairs are carefully designed, comfortable and offer many features that you will not find in other outdoor chairs. You can take them to the beach, the ball game or even to an outdoor concert.

These chairs also come in a variety of great colors - my favorite is this baby blue. Style, comfort and beauty! What more could you ask for?

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