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Beach fun for everyone during your family beach vacations may mean a week at the beach or for those who live close to a beach, a day set aside to get away. You already know that beach fun is for everyone - no matter what age you are. Our favorite family vacations and favorite vacation memories are those that have been spent at the beach. Nothing is quite as entertaining as the sand and the ocean nor any spot more relaxing than a place where you can hear the ocean waves and feel the ocean breeze. A little preparation with the right beach gear can make all the difference in making your family beach vacations spectacular.

family beach vacation

Here, at Beach Fun for Everyone, we will give you tips on what has worked for us, what beach gear is essential, and what you need to pack with a complete beach fun checklist.

Beach Essentials for Beach Fun

Get ideas on the best way to get some shade, what beach chairs are the most comfortable, and how to get all your gear to the beach in one trip with the easiest to pull beach wagon.

family beach vacations

What beach essentials do you need for you and your family to have fun, stay safe and protected from the sun? Find out what works for our family and be prepared to make your next beach vacation a fun memory.

Beach Essentials

Beach Fun for Kids

Discover fun games to play in the sand, floats for ocean fun, and must have beach toys for all ages. We spend our summer vacations at the beach with  kids ranging between toddlers and teens. We always have a blast thanks to some forethought, a beautiful day and lots of adults!

family beach vacation tips

Beach Wagons and Carts

How do you get all your beach stuff to the beach and how do you protect your camera, cell phone or Kindle from being scratched by the sand or damaged by water? Get your answers here.

gear up for the best family beach vacation

Ever have a vacation ruined because of a bad sunburn or heat exhaustion? We have, so let us tell you how to keep protected at the beach with beach hats, large beach umbrellas and sun protection clothing. Find out if are you better off renting your beach umbrellas or bringing your own.

Beach Sun Shade

Beach sun shade for all day protection from the sun in shaded comfort can be a simple beach umbrella to a large beach canopy tent.

beach sun shade

Whether it's a beach pop up tent or a clamp on chair umbrella, these beach essentials can provide you with a comfortable spot to relax, stay cool, and connect with friends or family.

Beach Sun Shade Tips and Ideas for Tents, Canopies and Umbrellas

Folding Beach Chair

Stay comfortable and relaxed with a folding beach chair.  Whether you like one low to the ground or one that fully reclines there is a beach chair that's just right for you.

beach chairs with umbrella

Get tips on folding beach chairs that recline, include a cooler, or can be easily carried with backpack straps:

Folding Beach Chair Tips and Options

Beach Fun with Games

You certainly can figure out for yourself how to have fun at the beach, but we can give you some ideas for fun beach games, scavenger hunts, and beach toys that are fun for all different ages.

beach games

Make the most of your day at the beach or beach vacation with tips from Beach Fun for Everyone.

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