Best Beach Toys for Kids

Want to know what the best beach toys for kids are?  Toys that are age appropriate and match the interests and swimming abilities of the kids are important.  You can have a fun time at the beach ... in and out of the water.  Body boards, sand toys and floats will keep the family having fun all day.

Best Beach Toys for Kids in the Water

Boogie Boarding and Skim Boards

Skim Boards

best beach toys for kids

Skim boards are thin and flat and are used in shallow water.  

They range in size from around 35" to 41". 

Around age 9 or so kids can start to master the skill of skimming across the top of the water.

Made of a wood laminate, they are sturdy and durable. 

Cost is around $40 at Amazon:

BPS 35" Skimboard

Body Boards

best beach toys

Ride the waves on a boogie board.  For beginners you don't need anything expensive - just be sure it has a leash that attaches to the wrist and the board so that you don't have to keep chasing your body board. 

Body boards or boogie boards come in different lengths - from 33" to 42". 

Be sure to get one with  a  coiled "leash" that connects the wrist to the board so it doesn't get away from you. 

Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core with Leash, Green - 41 Inches

Goggles and Fins

best beach toys for kids

Swim goggles allow kids to search for shells, observe crabs or follow fish. Add some fins which makes it easier for kids to swim and gives them confidence in the water.

Teach your kids how to snorkel so that they can enjoy all the undersea wonders.This junior snorkel fin set from Amazon has everything they need:

Seavenger Kids Snorkel Set with Trek Fin, Single Lens Mask and Gear Bag, XS/XXS - Size 1 to 4 or Children 10-13
best beach toys

This adjustable kids size snorkel set with fins comes with us on every beach vacation.  More hours are spent in the ocean looking for small fish, shells and coral with a leak proof mask and fins to help keep you afloat. 

U.S. Divers Junior Mask, Trigger Fins and Laguna Snorkel Combo Set

Wave Skipper

best beach toys

This little wave skippper ball might look small but is big in entertaining.  Just throw it like you would if you were skipping a rock - every throw is different.

You can get it to bounce on the waves or skim across the top of the water.  Throw it far or close - but there's no doubt it is loads of fun.

Wave Skipper Ball

Fun Inflatable Floats

best beach toys for kids

While this unicorn may be able to fly, he prefers to swim with lots of little and big passengers. 

Giant Unicorn Pool Float- 8' Inflatable Raft for Kids and Adults Holds Up to 400lbs Inflates and Deflates Fast

best beach toys for kids

Depending on what time of year we are at the beach with our family, we may spend more time playing in the sand when it's cooler and in warmer months spend more time in the water. 

Bring a couple of inflatable swim rings to ride the waves along with adult supervision. The 10 year old used a 48" inflatable swim ring and the 8 year old a 36" inflatable swim ring.

Our youngest grandchild who is 4 is a great swimmer and unafraid of the water.  However she loved sitting in the spring float - I know it says it's a baby float - and she never would have gone in one in the pool - but she loved being out in the waves with her dad and her big sisters. 

We never would have brought this for her,  but it was at the house we rented so we carried it with us to the beach each day.

Swimways Baby Spring Float

Splash Paddle

Splash Paddle can be played in the water or on the beach or at the pool.

The two paddles are 11" large and are made of fabric.  They are a nice size and have a bounce to them so that there is better control and a better chance for success for kids.  Just volley the ball back and forth.

A splashball that doesn't sink comes with it. You can buy extra splashballs at your local dollar store. However, I recommend you get two sets so that more than 2 people can play at one time.  It's a great game that can be played by kids as young as 4 but kids of all ages love it.

Prime Time Toys Splash Bombs 3-Piece Splash Paddle Set

Covered Float

best beach toys

Your family will be fighting over this float - which is why you see an adult and not a child enjoying it. Roll with the waves, relax under the the canopy, and keep cool with this spring float.  It's light weight which makes it easy to carry and because it is a spring float it folds up compactly.

The cover is easy to put on or take off and easy to adjust so that your face can stay protected from the sun.  We won't go to the beach without it!

SwimWays Spring Float Recliner with Canopy

Best Beach Toys for Kids in the Sand

toddler beach toys

Whether it's creating sand castles or playing frisbee there are lots of fun ways to have fun at the beach without getting in the water. If you are looking for toddler beach toys you will love the collection of sand toys by Melissa and Doug:

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set

Building Sand Castles

best beach toys for kids

Our grandkids wanted to up their sand castle building skills so we got them a super duper sand castle building kit.  A bit expensive, but it ended up being worth it.  They spent hours building in the sand with moats all around and towers on each corner.  Their biggest disappointment was when their 3 year old sister decided to knock it down.

Sand Castle Play Set for the Beach
best beach toys for kids

A sand bucket with a spout provides needed water for building sand castles. We've had this sturdy bucket by Melissa and Doug for years. Finney Fish comes with us on every beach vacation: 

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Finney Fish Pail with Removable Spout

Beach Shovels

best beach toys

Serious shoveling in the sand requires a serious beach shovel.

Older kids need something bigger than the traditional plastic shovel.  The shaft is made of wood and the shovel part is made of heavy duty plastic. 

Most sand digging is done near the surf so it is quite possible it will end up out in the water after a serious wave decides to "grab" it. The good news is that these shovels float.

Toysmith Sand Shovel

This sturdy unbreakable scoop will not disappoint - especially for older kids who like to dig deep. While it's pricey - just over $12 for one scoop - it won't bend or break. Just don't keep it too close to the water for a large wave to come and take it.

You are never too old to play in the sand - but as your kids get older, get sand toys for older kids. 

Large Sand Scoop

Beach Nets

best beach toys for kids
While interest in some beach toys come and go, a set of beach nets always gets packed.

Catching crabs at the ocean or frogs and minnows at the lake seems to keep their interest more than any fancy toys. 

Of course we can't just bring one :)

You can get these nets at Amazon here:

Beach Net

This light up net can be used day or night thanks to the built in waterproof flashlight.  It comes with a light up LED bracelet which somehow ended up being a big hit for our 8 year old nephew. 

Our favorite time at the beach is in the cool of the evening which is when the crabs like the beach too :)

The net comes in several different colors - blue, pink, orange and green. It is not telescoping so it is best for younger ages - like 5-8. 

ILLUMINET: Ghost Crabbing Beach Net for Crabs, Minnows, Etc

Soft Sided Frisbee

best beach toys

A soft sided frisbee is a great way to teach younger kids how to toss without getting hurt.  This one makes it easy for kids to learn and can be played on the sand or in the water.  

Kadima Paddle Ball Set

My neighbor just got back from a weeks vacation at the beach with her 3 girls - elementary through high school ages.

Their family always packs their Kadima set and says it is their favorite game to play on the beach.  Just hit the ball and volley it back and forth for a fun game to play in the sand.

Pro Kadima Paddle Ball Set

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