Beach Games for Kids, Teens & Adults

Beach games for kids or teens can be a well planned activity like a beach scavenger hunt or something as simple as building a castle in the sand.

beach games for kids

For a great day at the beach pack a couple of these games the entire family will enjoy to build some special memories.

beach games for kids

Beach Games for Kids Digging in the Sand

With just a pail, shovel and a few sand molds you can build fabulous sandcastles. We spend hours making a sand castle - we build it for a while, then go swim in the ocean and come back and add some more walls and turrets.

beach games for kids

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You can get an inexpensive set of forms in the summer at most stores like Target or K-Mart or if it isn't summer buy them on line at Amazon.  This set includes the molds for your sand castle wall and the bucket is actually another form to use for the castle.  It also includes a shovel, a watering can and some other fun sand forms.

15-Pieces Beach Sand Toy Set in Castle Bucket

sand castle moldssand castle molds

Beach Games for Kids: 8 and Older

Djubi - A New Twist for Playing Catch

beach games for kids

I am not sure how to say Djubi but I am sure that it is a lot of fun to play on the beach.  You need lots of wide open spaces to launch your ball.  The large net makes it easy to catch so you're not chasing the ball all of the time.

So much easier and fun to play than trying to play with a hard paddle board and ball.  

There is a little hook on the racket where you attach the soft sponge ball. Pull it back and it flies!  Launch it so it goes really high or really far and if it lands in the water, it floats.

Djubi Classic - the Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch!

Badminton - Actually Called Speedminton

beach games for kids

Smaller yet heavier birdies go the distance for a wind resistant challenge.  No net so you can play anywhere making it a fun beach game for kids or adults. Play it during the day or into the evening thanks to the glow in the dark tip on the birdie. 

Speedminton Fun Set - Perfect for The Beach, Park or Backyard

OgoDisk Beach Game for Kids

beach games for kids

The large 12" bouncy discs make for any easy target to bounce or volley in the sand or in the water.  Kids ranging in ages from 6 to 11 played this fun game.  The discs float so have fun with it in the water. 

OgoSport OgoDisk Xs 2 Pack Set + 2 OgoSoft Koosh Balls

Beach Games for Kids, Teens and Adults

beach volleyball set

I know a group of friends who have been gathering at the beaches of 30A for 22 years and this beach volleyball set has come with them on every vacation. The set by Baden Champions is relatively easy to set up and has a carrying bag for easy transporting. Drive the stakes in with a rubber mallet to secure the poles. 

Beach Volleyball Set

Spike Ball Beach Game for Kids, Teens and Adults

Beach games like Spike Ball will keep family and friends entertained for a long time.
beach games for kids, teens and adults

If you like something with more action than tossing a bean bag - this game is for you. It's fast and fun.

It's played with four people. Smack the ball down into the net where it then bounces up into the air.

fun beach games

An opposing team member then has 3 tries (like volleyball) to smack it back into the net.

We agree with this Amazon review: "This game is just awesome! Fun, fast, and a great workout. Especially fun on sand as you find yourself diving a lot."

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit - Playing Net, 3 Balls, Drawstring Bag, Rule Book

Beach Games for the Family

Family beach games include an old summer favorite of croquet.

family beach games

It can be played with up to 6 players and works great if you have some hard sand to roll the ball and to set up the hoops and markers.

fun beach games

Enjoy some family fun and play a game of soccer at the beach. Any age and ability will enjoy kicking the ball around in the sand. 

Beach Games for Kids at Night: Light Up Frisbee

beach games for kids

There is nothing quite as fun as being at the beach in the cool of the evening.  The hot sun has set, the waves are crashing and the breeze is blowing. 

Playing a game of frisbee in the sand is entertaining for all ages.

We loved how this light up frisbee was so easy to throw that it makes for a fun beach game for anyone. A rubber rim makes for a softer catch.  Kids 6 and up can easily master this easy to throw frisbee.  The LED lights are really bright and make it easy to see and added an element of fun. 

A little toggle switch turns the lights on and off so if you play with it during the day you don't need it on. The battery can be replaced when it wears out.  Ours landed in the ocean a few times and it is still going strong.

This LED lighted frisbee comes in blue, red, green or white.  It's water resistant and floats making it a great beach game. The light is bright and easy to see at night.

Works and feels like any ordinary frisbee - throws straight and  comfortable to catch. Play it during the day or night.  When the sun goes down - everyone on the beach will be asking where you got this cool frisbee.

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc, Light up the Dark for Night Games

Corn Hole For Summer Beach Games

Skip the heavy weight wooden corn hole games and invest in a lightweight portable corn hole game for the beach.

summer beach games

This one uses a fabric "board" and PVC for the frame. It is lightweight enough, that one can even take it by bike.

summer beach games

It can be played with two or four people.  

This one listed below is just that and it comes with a carrying-case.  The board is plain black but you can customize it by getting a decal of your favorite football team.

GoSports Portable PVC Framed CornHole Game Set with 8 Bean Bags and Carrying Case

Ladder Toss

beach games for kids, teens, adults and families

Ladder Toss is a game that can be played by all ages and a great family beach game.

The sturdiest Ladder Toss game is made out of thick PVC pipe that doesn't come apart.  You want one that is portable and easy to assemble.

The Bolas are actual golf balls that have nylon rope tied to them. This one from Amazon has the really thick tubing so the game will last a long time.  This set is color coded for easy set up and comes apart easy as well.  Pack it up in the included carrying case.

Ladder Toss Set with Soft Carrying Case

Beach Treasure Hunt

These kids were surprised when a pirate map was found outside their beach vacation home leading to a buried treasure. 

beach games for kids

Using the map and picture clues, the kids were led them from the house, down the long steps to the beach with other markers like the sundial, a parrot and a pirate sword leading the way to the hidden treasure.

While an X did NOT mark the spot, a pirate eye patch did. 

Necklaces, rings, coins and pirate eye patches filled the treasure box.

More Beach Games for Kids & Teens

Other fun beach games the entire family will enjoy include:

beach games for kids



These beach games are easy to pack and bring with you whether you are traveling by car or by plane. 

Easy Flying Kites

kids beach toys

Most days at the beach provide enough breeze and wind to fly a kite.  We bought ours at the local grocery store for maybe $6. 

With no trees or poles to tangle the string, the beach is the perfect kite flying spot. 

I have since found a line of easy flying kites called Easy Flyer Kite - they come in all kinds of designs from T-Rex dinosaur to mermaids. 

The beauty of these kites is that they are durable and easy to fly for almost any age. So if you plan to keep your kite and use it more than just once get it from Amazon here:

Large Easy Flyer Kite - T-Rex Dinosaur (46" X 90")

Beach Games for Kids of All Ages - Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great game to play at the beach. We have done it several different ways.

If you have planned ahead, you can give every one the list of items they need to find. 

beach games for kids

They can put the items into their pails to make it easier to carry everything.

If you haven't planned ahead and don't have any paper, you can write the items in the sand.

Each person will be responsible for memorizing the list. Players that can't remember the list will have to run back to look at it again. 

The first person or team to find everything on the list wins.

With a few beach toys and games, and lots of energy and imagination everyone can have  a great time at the beach.

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