Beach Canopy Tents

Beach canopy tents provide more shade for more people.  When we first started our family trips to the beach there was just 5 of us.  We now have 9 and one on the way.  

This means either bringing several large beach umbrellas, two pop up beach tents or a beach canopy tent where everyone can sit together.  These beach shade tents comes in several different sizes and styles. 

beach sun shade

We found that the 10'X10' canopy tent by Coleman gave us the shade and space we needed.  Keep your chairs and coolers protected all day.  Roof vents keep air moving inside the tent so the heat doesn't get trapped.

Two people are best for putting the canopy up and taking it down.  A practice set up at home helped to make it easier to put it up the first time at the beach.

canopy shade tent for beach

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It really is quite easy and provided the perfect solution for all day shade for our family.  A handy carrying bag with wheels fits inside most cars and makes it easy to transport.

Coleman Instant Beach Canopy, 10 x 10 Feet

Add a "sun wall" to your canopy for extra protection from the heat and ultraviolet light.

It also will protect you from the wind on a windy day or from a sudden rain shower

Loops are provided on the bottom of the shade so you can stake the fabric and keep it from flopping in the wind. Or you can put the elastic loops around the legs of the canopy for stability.

We found it provided some great protection from the harsh summer Florida sun.

Coleman Sunwall for 10x10 Canopy Tent | Sun Shade Side Wall Accessory to Block Sun, Wind, and Rain

What Size Beach Canopy Tents

Check the guidelines of the beach you are visiting to find out if they have any limitations to the size of your tent. 

Some beaches don't allow tents any bigger than 10'x10'.

beach canopy tents

Caravan Beach Canopy Tents

Caravan beach canopy tents provide 99% UV protection, commercial grade steel frame and the 10' x 10' tent provides 100 square feet of shade to accommodate your group of friends or family.

beach canopy tents
Caravan Canopy Titanshade 10 X 10 Foot Straight Leg

Stabilizing Beach Canopy Tents

It's not uncommon to see a beach canopy that's come down due to poor anchoring or from lots of wind.

how to stabilize beach canopy tents

No matter which beach canopy tent you use, keep the it stabilized in any wind by filling bags with sand and attach them to the tent poles. 

beach canopy weights

Fill the bags with sand, (some people fill up a large plastic bottles with water) zip them up and then as you can see velcro straps secure the bags to the beach canopy tent poles.

beach canopy weights
Beach Canopy Tent Weight Bags

Or simply bring several shopping bags and fill them with sand to anchor your tent.

stabilizing beach shade tents

Bring along a beach shovel for filling sand bags.

Beach Sun Shade Canopy

More lightweight, than traditional beach canopies, this beach sun shade canopy is easy to carry and more portable. It weighs Only 6.5 pounds and includes a  19.5" shoulder carrying bag that fits in a carry-on suitcase.

beach sun shade canopy

Made of a nylon/lycra blend this 9'x9' beach canopy uses rust proof aluminum poles that are 7' feet tall.

  • UPF 50+ PROTECTION, WATER REPELLENT. The Neso Tent will keep you protected on both sunny and rainy days
  • SET UP TIPS: Put it up in a couple minutes. Please visit for instructions with wind set up tips and video
beach sun shade canopy
beach sun shade canopy
Neso Tents Grande Beach Tent, 7ft Tall, 9 x 9ft, Reinforced Corners

Beach Canopy Tents by Red Suricata

Another favorite beach sun shade option is a portable canopy by Red Suricata.

beach canopy tent

Use it for relaxing in chairs or for kids who want to play in the sand under the UV protection of a tent.

beach canopy tent

See how portable this canopy is?  It fits right inside this small black bag.

beach canopy tent

Red Suricata offers a FULL HEIGHT CANOPY that includes FOUR TALL POLES increasing the shaded area by 50%! The medium beach tent fits 3-4 adults lying down, and our large beach canopy tent fits 6-7 adults lying down.

beach canopy tent

We bought the largest canopy option for our family.  Get to the beach early in the morning to stake your piece of paradise. 

beach canopy tent

Place the canopy flat on the sand and spread out the 4 sand bags.

anchoring beach canopy tent

Fill the corner bags with sand and sinch them tight.

beach canopy tents with sand anchors

Use the sand anchors on windy days to help stabilize the tent.

man holding telescoping beach canopy tent poles

Their “patent pending” poles are colored, foldable, lightweight, and rustproof! Plus, the top of the pole has a robust plastic ball that WON’T rip the fabric.

Check out the different color options:

beach sun shade
Red Suricata Family Beach Sunshade - UPF50 UV Protection with 4 Aluminum Poles, 4 Pole Anchors, 4 Sandbag Anchors

Providing beach sun shade with portable easy to set up beach canopy tents for your group of friends or family offers some protection from UV light damage to skin, eyes and hair as well as protection from sudden pop up showers so you can enjoy a full day at the beach. 

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