Beach Cabana Tent
Quick Portable Sun Shade

A beach cabana tent provides the perfect shade for a day in the sun.  You can now get ones that are portable, lightweight and easy to put up and take down.

beach cabana tent

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Get protection from UV rays under the canopy of this classic blue and white striped cabana. Durable waterproof polyester canvas ensures you will enjoy this tent for years to come. It measures 6'x6' and diagonally measures 8’4”.

beach cabana tent

Each corner piece of fabric has a large pocket to fill with sand to stabilize the cabana for quiet or windy days.

easy to set up beach cabana tent

Push the center pole deep into the sand and pop the top open.

sand anchor
On windy days put the main center pole in a Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor for extra stability.

We like this one better than metal as it doesn't rust and it easily twists into the sand.

Because this cabana is so lightweight and folds compactly in this carrying bag, you can take it on a plane or easily carry it from your car or condo to the beach.

portable beach cabana tent

We have the large size Cool Cabana and as you can see it fits into this carrying bag making it super portable.

portable beach cabana

Check out the different sizes and colors here....

Cool Cabanas Beach Tents

Keep cool in your beach cabana tent with a portable fan.  The three bendable legs wrap around your beach tent or umbrella pole.

cool breeze for your beach cabana tent

The fan rotates 360 degrees with 3 speeds and will last about over 3 hours on a charge depending on what speed you are using.

Rechargable Battery Powered Clip-on Fan with Flexible Tripod, Ultra Quiet 360°Adjustable USB Fan

Beach Cabana Tent by EasyGo

Looking for shade for two that keeps you protected from the sun?

beach cabana tent

This beach cabana tent by Easy Go is secured and stabilized by a central pole and sand pockets in each of the corners.

beach cabana tent

You can choose from several different colors and patterns to select the style that you like best.

beach cabana tent
EasyGoProducts Beach Cabana Tent, 6' x 6'

Pop Up Beach Cabana Tent

This pop up beach cabana tent provides shade and protection from the wind for the entire family while still enjoying the ocean view. It is similar to a beach tent but there isn't a zip up door to close it for complete privacy.

beach cabana tent

It provides more shelter than a beach umbrella - especially from wind and a pop-up shower.  The self erecting design makes them a snap to set up and take down. The special SPF coating keeps every one safe from the sun's harmful rays, and several degrees cooler than when sitting in the direct sunlight.

Pop Up Beach Tent XL - Easy Setup, Portable 3-4 Person Tall Beach Shade Folding Sun Shelter with UPF 50+ UV Protection

Bottomless Beach Cabana Tent

Some beach canopies have a bottom while others are "bottomless" like this one. It allows for children to play in the sand without getting sunburned. Others find that tent bottoms are too hot and enjoy sitting on a beach chair and having their feet in the sand.

A bottomless tent also makes it easier to pack up and leave the sand behind. This one is a good value and can be packed in a large suitcase.

They also make great outdoor playrooms for the kids, depending on the style you choose of course. And the best part is that they won't ruin your grass because most styles don't have a plastic bottom. Having a tent in your yard will destroy your lawn in as little as a few days. A bottomless beach cabana can sit in your yard all summer without causing a giant yellow spot of dead grass.

Shade Shack Easy Automatic Instant Pop Up Beach Tent

A beach cabana tent is like having your own private piece of the beach. It is the perfect place to keep your cooler, towels, blankets and chairs and to enjoy a respite from the sun and wind. 

Many designs feature sides that can be rolled up or down to block the wind from any direction, and to give you a bit of privacy for a nap or just to keep curious eyes from watching your every move.

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