Large Beach Umbrella
Beach Umbrella Tent for All Day Shade

We like using this large beach umbrella because it is easy to put up and take down.  Just open it up like you would a personal umbrella and either stake the pole in the ground or put it on its side and stake it in the sand with the side flaps down. 

Large Beach Umbrella Tent

This beach umbrella tent has two different positions - one is upright with the pole in the sand like an umbrella and the other is on its side like the one pictured so it acts more like a tent to protect you from the wind or a pop up shower.

beach umbrella tent

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It really does pop open just like a big umbrella - so quick and so easy.  The pole is telescoping so it can be adjusted to a height that is comfortable for you.

beach umbrella tent

Beach Sun Shade for All Day Protection

Thanks to the special fabric and lining, this umbrella with UV protection - it boasts a UPF of 50+ which means you are protected from 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays.

super brella beach umbrella

Invest in a piece of beach gear that you will use for years.  We've had ours for over 5 years and it works and looks just like new. 

summer beach umbrella and tent

Here you can see the Sport-brella beach shade tent used more as a tent than an umbrella.  We use it as a "tent" on really windy days to help keep us comfortable and out of the wind. The umbrella tent is anchored with lines on each side and pegs on the corners.

summer beach umbrella and tent

A vented top helps to release air and side "windows" can be open if you need a breeze or closed if you need protection from the wind.  This larger beach umbrella is 9' but for traveling it compacts to 59"x4"x4" and weighs 11 lbs.  It comes with 8 steel ground stakes and 3 tie down cords.

Sport-Brella XL Vented SPF 50+ Beach and Rain Umbrella

Beach Umbrella Holders
Secure and Stabilize for Windy Days

beach umbrella holders and stands

For extra stability we use an umbrella anchor to hold the umbrella when it's in the upright position.  The opening is wide enough to accommodate most size beach umbrella poles and a clamping screw secures the pole so it's tight in the stand. Made of heavy duty steel it will keep your umbrella anchored in the wind. 

Heavy Duty Metal Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor,One Size Fits All

Summer Beach Umbrella Vented

When the umbrella is positioned on its side it can provide protection from the wind or from a sudden burst of rain. The side vents can be opened to provide a breeze on a warm day or zip them closed for a windy or drizzly day.  By keeping the vents open the airflow prevents the umbrella from lifting up or blowing away.

summer beach umbrella and tent

The vented top allows air to escape while stakes in the ground keep it right where it's suppose to be.  The water repellent fabric keeps you dry if there's a drizzle or surprise rain shower and a protective undercoating blocks over 99.5% UVA/UVB rays.

beach umbrella anchoring

Included are 8 steel stakes and 3 tie down cords to secure your Sport-Brella.

summer beach umbrella
sport brella beach umbrella

There is plenty of head room and space to sit in chairs rather than on the ground or on the sand.  Kids can play in the sand with their sand toys but be protected from the sun.

sport brella beach umbrella

Easy to take down - close it like you do a regular umbrella. This portable beach tent comes with a handy carrying case.    The two colors that are available are red and blue with Amazon usually having the best price:

Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather Large Beach Umbrella

We have the regular sized Sport-Brella, which is 8' wide, but if you want an even larger one, the Sport-Brella XL Portable All-Weather Beach Umbrella. 9-Foot Canopy provides even more space - actually 9 feet - to keep you and your family in the shade.

Beach Umbrella Hook

beach umbrella hook

We love this beach umbrella hook - it clasps around the umbrella pole.

Totally adjustable strap to fit a variety of size poles. An adapter is included for smaller 3/4" to 1" round poles. Made of all stainless  steel parts making it durable and rust proof.

Hang your cover up, towels, sunglasses or light bag from it to keep stuff out of the sand or to help them dry.  Remove the umbrella hook before closing the umbrella.

Beach Umbrella Hanging Hook, 4-prongs Plastic Umbrella Hook

For several years we spent money to rent beach chairs and umbrellas when we went on vacation because we didn't want to hassle with setting up all the beach gear. Thanks to this easy to use large beach umbrella, we save ourselves a lot of money and stay protected from the sun.

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