Swimways Spring Float

We always bring a Swimways spring float with us to the beach, and usually more than one because everyone loves to roll in the waves with them. Usually one of us has a little one sitting along with us.  This float appeals to all ages. What makes them a great float to take to the beach is that they are:

swimways spring float

1.  Easy to Pack

It can be folded up compactly so that it can fit in a suitcase or crowded car

2.  Lightweight

Easy to carry to the beach and back

3.  Keep You Cool

The mesh bottom means you get wet - which we like to keep us cool on a hot, sunny day.

4.  Quick and Easy to Set Up

Not much to inflate - just the rim on the spring float papasan and the rim and headrest for the spring float recliner.  Otherwise just unfold it and it pops open.

Swimways Spring Float Papasan

Enjoy keeping cool in the water with a Swimways Spring Float Papasan.  It's lightweight and folds back up into a tight circle for easy packing. 

swimways spring float papasan
swimways spring float papasan
The spring float papasan comes in a couple of color combinations, white and blue, blue and green and pink and orange.

Go to Amazon to check out your options here:

SwimWays Spring Float Papasan - Mesh Float

Swimways Spring Float Recliner

Your family will be fighting over this float - which is why you see an adult and not a child enjoying it. Roll with the waves, relax under the the canopy, and keep cool with this spring float.  It's light weight which makes it easy to carry and because it is a spring float it folds up compactly.

The cover is easy to put on or take off and easy to adjust so that your face can stay protected from the sun.  We won't go to the beach without it!

swimways spring float recliner

The spring float recliner is always a favorite if you want to relax by yourself. A comfortable headrest and footrest makes it quite easy to nod off.  We bought the one that includes a canopy to shade you from the hot sun. 

The canopy is easy to put on or take off - so you can float with or without it.  The footrest means you can either have your feet up and out of the water or dangling in the water.

A handy beverage holder completes the comfort features for this great beach float.

SwimWays Spring Float Recliner with Canopy

Whether you like the papasan or recliner or both, be sure to include these floats in your next trip to the beach.

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