Teen Beach Games

Get off the beach lounge chair and join in some fun with these ideas for teen beach games.

teen beach games

Sometimes teens need a little push to get off their phones and engaged in some beach fun.  Provide them with a couple of beach game options and soon the camaraderie and competition will keep them occupied all day. 

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Beach Soccer

Who needs a soccer ball and net when you have a beach ball and two tall sticks for the goals. 

teen beach games

While an inflated beach ball can work in a pinch, bring a long a real soccer ball will work better, especially on a windy day.

soccer ball on the beach

Extend your fun at the beach into the evening hours and get a light up soccer ball for a nighttime game. 

Beach Frisbee

Easy to pack and simple to play, enjoy tossing a frisbee in the water or on the sand.  For evening fun get a light up frisbee that is water resistant. 

One beach essential that comes with us on every beach vacation is a frisbee - we have small soft ones for little kids and light up frisbees for evening beach fun. 

teen girl playing frisbee at the beach

Finding teen beach games you can play on the sand or in the water is ideal.  One cooler, cloudy days you can play this beach game on the sand and on hot days, keep cool in the water. 

Teen Beach Volleyball

teen beach games

There are several benefits to playing volleyball at the beach - one of which is a soft landing :)  Beach volleyball is a great way to invite other teens on the beach to join you in some fun. 

Kadima for Beach Fun

teen beach games
Do you Kadima? Keep the ball in the air with a Kadima Set of two paddles and balls.


Keep the ball bouncing off the net of a Spike Ball game set.  It can be played on windy days so you are not off chasing anything. 

teen beach games

Spike ball is great game for the beach.  Typically you have 4 players with two players on each team. The 12" inflated ball is bounced off the net to players.  Games can be played to 11, 15, or 21 points.

Beach Badminton

If it's not too windy you can easily pack and transport a portable badminton set to the beach. 

teen beach games

It's a fun game played by 2- 4 players with or without a net preferably on a not too windy day. 


Enjoy the water and do some exploring with friends on paddle boards.

With lightweight portable inflatable paddle boards you can easily transport your gear to the beach and be in the water in minutes. Carry it to the beach in the travel back pack, inflate with a high pressure pump and attach the removable fins.  Grab your paddles and go.

Be prepared for some beach fun with your teens with some teen beach games. 

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